Incognito: INTO YOU Review

The legendary musical group Incognito has made their comeback after their longest break between studio albums since their dormancy in the 1980s, with their latest album titled “Into You.” The album features a range of fresh, new vocalists and musicians, but still maintains the unique sound that Incognito is known for.

 The opening track “Keep Me in the Dark” is a perfect example of how the group has seamlessly integrated new talent by giving room for pianist Chicco Allotta and guitarist Charlie Allen to exhibit their skills, while vocalist Natalie Duncan provides vivacious and forthright vocals. Incognito’s trademark rolling grooves also add to the classic sound. But it’s not just the upbeat songs that exhibit the band’s prowess; the ballad “Tell Me Something” and the stripped-down “Keep On Dancing” showcase the versatile range of the group. The album is an exciting 80-minute offering with a range of musical styles and genres. Instrumentals like the up-tempo “Lowrider” and the melodic “Come to Me” are balanced with lighter tracks such as the smooth “Close to Midnight” and the serene “Back on the Beach.” The co-producers Richard Bull and Mo Hausler have beautifully packed a considerable amount of layers into energized highlights like “Nothing Makes Me Feel Better” and “Stories of Our Past,” while still maintaining the essence of Incognito’s music style. Although the album’s sound is the embodiment of the classic Incognito without any role seeming interchangeable, the inclusion of subtle rhythmic touches of hip-hop and go-go in “Colourblind” brings a fresh and modern perspective to the album. ~ Doug D. Sims

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