Maysa: Runnin’ From Myself

Maysa, the exceptional vocalist, has released her newest single entitled “Runnin’ From Myself” which is the perfect embodiment of her unforgettable talent. This song is not a product of chance, as Maysa originally wrote it using her garage band, and then presented it to Jamie Jones and The Heavyweights, who produced her hit single “Love Is a Battlefield” remake. With Jamie’s incredible help, they were able to fully complete the lyrics of the song, which aims to deliver a powerful message to all listeners. In fact, “Runnin’ From Myself” is about how all of us tend to procrastinate, which in turn leads us to self-sabotage our own goals and dreams. Maysa has truly outdone herself with this raw and relatable single that is sure to resonate with everyone who has ever faced self-doubt and a lack of motivation. ~ Doug D. Sims

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