‘Let’s Get Away’ by Norman Brown

Norman Brown, the renowned veteran guitarist, is no stranger to those who love R&B-based jazz music. His exceptional talent places him at the zenith of the list of artists in the genre. His thirteenth album, ‘Let’s Get Away,’ is finally here and promises to take listeners on a tranquil and joyful journey. Brown describes the album’s theme as a mental state of being surrounded by inspiration, beauty, and companionship, mirroring the colors of nature.

You are in for a treat as you savor and enjoy ten tracks of diverse music flavors ranging from jazz, R&B, blues to pop. Paul Brown, Norman’s fellow guitarist and label-mate, Wirlie Morris, Shane Theriot, and Jeff Carruthers are just some of the multi-talented guest musicians that collaborated in this project. Keyboardists Lew Laing and David Torkanowsky, saxophonist Greg Vail, trumpeter Ron King, drummer Gorden Campbell, bassist Jeff Wolfe, and percussionist Lenny Castro all joined hands to produce this masterpiece. With so much talent on board, ‘Let’s Get Away,’ is sure to leave a lasting impression on jazz and R&B fans alike. ~ Doug D. Sims

Karl Blake interviews Norman Brown

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