Get to know Bob Baldwin

Artist/Pianist/Arranger named Bob Baldwin. Bob has a distinctive unique Jazz sound that will complement any feature film, TV show and soundtrack that you, with your expertise have selected.  He has a tremendous amount of catalog that’s owned in-house and is ready to distribute throughout the film and TV industry.

Don’t be fooled with his jazz sound, however, as his music has strong elements of Funk, World and Brazilian influences. He’s recorded music on 6 continents. Discovered by by Roberta Flack, his production credits include George Benson, Will Downing, Jarrard Anthony, Marion Meadows, Grover Washington, Jr. and dozens of independent artists throughout the US.

His compositions have awarded him 6 SESAC Songwriting Awards, and has appeared on the top 20 Billboard Jazz charts more than 12 times dating back to 1992. He’s recorded more than 400 songs, including 300 under his own name. He’s working on disc #32.

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